Skilled Migration

The Australian Skilled Migration visa program is for individuals and their families that do not have an offer of employment, or if they do, they would prefer to migrate independently to Australia. They may also wish to migrate because they have a skill in an occupation that a State or Territory of Australia will nominate them for or they have a close relative who is able to sponsor them.

Basic Criteria

The threshold criteria for these Skilled Migration visas is as follows;

  • main applicant is under 45 years of age (Note: This was reduced from 50 on July 1st, 2017).
  • main applicant and their partner (if applicable) meets the required English language ability for their visa.
  • main applicant has an occupation on the appropriate Skilled Occupation Lists  for the visa that they are applying for.
  • main applicant has had a positive skills assessment in their nominated occupation.
  • main applicant passes the points test.
  • main applicant and their dependents meet health and character criteria.

How does an applicant claim points?

The points that are available for the general skilled migration categories can come from:

  • Age
  • English language ability
  • Employment experience – both within Australia and outside Australia
  • Level of education obtained – trade, diploma, degree or Doctorate
  • Nomination by a state or territory
  • Sponsorship by an eligible relative
  • Foreign language ability
  • Partners skills and education
  • Study in Australia

Skilled Visa Options

Applicants who meet the base criteria and wish to lodge an application do so under the SkillSelect process. Applicants outside Australia can consider lodging an application for:

  • Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) Visa
  • Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) Visa
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) (Subclass 489) Visa

The Subclass 189 and 190 is a permanent resident’s visa.

The Subclass 489 is a temporary residents visa and provides a pathway to permanent residency through the Skilled Regional (Subclass 887) visa upon meeting criteria such as living for at least 2 years and working for at least 12 months in a specified area.

General Skilled Migration – always changing …

Skilled migration is always changing. Skills lists get renamed or replaced, occupations get removed or added, states and territories change their priority list on an ongoing basis. If you refer to our Blog you will see a number of posts confirming this.

Are you eligible?

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