South Australia skilled migration list: 2016 to 2017

South Australia have announced changes to their 2016-2017 state nomination occupation list.

The occupations that are chosen are based on workforce analysis of current skill shortages and the likely demand of those skills in the future. It involves extensive industry consultation with associations and industry-linked training councils. It also takes into account various other criteria such as the age of the workforce, supply from local and international graduates, and interstate migration.

There have been number of new occupations added, as well as some that have been removed. The complete list can be found on this link.

Occupations added include:
  • Multimedia Specialists, Web Developer
  • Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Corporate General Manager
Occupations removed include:
  • Education professions – School Principal,  Faculty Head, Regional Education Manager, Education Manager
  • Surveyors & Cartographers
  • Engineers – Civil, Geotechnical, Structural, Transport, Industrial, Mechanical, Production/Plant, Mining
  • Environmental Scientist & Environmental Research Scientist
  • Teachers – Special needs, Special Education, Early Childhood
  • Medical – various medical professions
Nomination policy changes: ICT (Information Communication Technology) Professionals

In addition to the occupational changes there have been some changes to policy. In particular there have been changes to the nomination of ICT Occupations. ICT applicants outside Australia now need to meet a points test of 70. Although this may be reduced to 65 and 60 depending on volume of applications received

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South Australia - skilled migration

South Australia – skilled migration