Priority processing of Australian visas for Nurses & Teachers

DHA changes visa processing priorities

The Australia Department of Home Affairs (DHA) have again changed their processing priorities.

In September 2020 , during the COVID pandemic, the DHA prioritised 44 occupations from the Skilled Migration occupation List (SMOL).  Amongst others. the  included healthcare workers such as Nurses. This was in place until 28 October 2022.

As reported below,  week the processing priorities for skilled visa applications of the DHA,  has now changed again.

‘Visas in three days’ for teachers and nurses who want to come to Australia

This includes a change to the order of priority where the number one priority is “Visa applications in relation to a healthcare or teaching occupation”.  With priority given to visa application where the primary applicant is outside Australia at the time of visa application.

The Healthcare or Teaching Occupations this relates to:

  • ANZSCO Sub-major Group 25 – Health Professionals
  • ANZSCO Minor Group 241 – School Teachers
  • ANZSCO Minor Group 411 – Health and Welfare Support Workers
  • ANZSCO Unit Group 1341 – Child Care Centre Managers
  • ANZSCO Unit Group 2346 – Medical Scientists
  • ANZSCO Unit Group 2721 – Counsellors
  • ANZSCO Unit Group 2723 – Psychologists
  • ANZSCO Unit Group 2725 – Social Workers
  • ANZSCO Unit Group 3112 – Medical Technicians
  • ANZSCO occupations:
    • 134311 – School Principal
    • 42111 – Child Care Worker
    • 423111 – Aged or Disabled Carer
    • 423312 – Nursing Support Worker
    • 423313 – Personal Care Assistant

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