Making the most of your GBP

When you migrate to Australia, one of the key considerations is going to be the conversion and exchange of your currency into Australian Dollars. This could be a bulk of funds from savings or the sale of a property, or it could be ongoing transfers as a result of pensions, income from offshore employment or investments.

Make the most of your migration

Whatever the requirement, it is critical to make sure that you plan well in advance how you want to handle those transfers, and that you get the very best exchange rate at the actual time of transfer. You can arrange transfers through your bank, but you will not get a currency specific service or the best exchange rate and so we recommend you speak to a specialist currency broker. We work closely with Currency Index, a UK regulated currency consultancy, who can not only help you to develop a bespoke strategy to handle your exchange requirements, but can also ensure you get access to the very best exchange rates when you the time comes to exchange your funds.

Typically, the saving that our clients experience when working with Currency Index(link) is around 3-4%, so for a transfer of £200,000 to AUD, you could get an extra AUD12,500. To find out more information about the service they can offer, please either contact your Cargil Migration representative or follow this Link to make an enquiry.

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