Australian immigration seminars – September 2015


Edinburgh – 1st September, 2015

Birmingham – 2nd September, 2015

London – 7th September, 2015

Australian Migration & Education Seminars

Australian Seminar Series

  • Are you interested in migrating to Australia?
  • Would you like to study in Australia?
  • Do you want to find out if there are any pathways to live and work in Australia?

If you are looking to migrate or study in Australia be sure not to miss this free seminar. The seminar will be run by industry professionals and cover everything that you need to know about migrating, studying, living and working in Australia.

The seminar will be presented by industry experts and cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Why you should consider Queensland as a destination
  • Different Visa Options to Australia & Queensland
  • Using study as a pathway to residency
  • Different Queensland Course Options (University, Vocational, Trade, Highschool). What can you study?
  • Queensland lifestyle
  • Specific Education Providers
  • Study Requirements
  • Costs of study
  • Banking
  • Foreign Exchange


For more information on these Australian immigration seminars please get in touch by email or register your attendance using the link below.


The presenters will include: Trade & Investment Queensland, Pathway to Aus, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Cargil Migration.