Ten key benefits of the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Significant changes to visa outcomes

Australia & the UK recently announced they had signed a FTA . This was shared on our Twitter feed .

The Uk Department for International Trade have provided details about what they see as the 10 Key benefits of the FTA.

10 key benefits of FTA

FTA outcomes relevant to visas 

Whilst the FTA is in its early stages of implementation, there are a few key points that may effect, or are relevant to visa matters.

  • Professional mobility – professional qualifications 

There is support for recognition of professional qualifications between Australia and the UK and increased collaboration between UK and Australian accreditation and regulatory bodies

  • A new visa pathway to Australia for innovators from the UK

An Innovation and Early Careers Skills Exchange Pilot is being piloted for UK nationals involved in innovation to enter Australia through a workplace exchange. Numbers will be capped at 1000 in the first year, rising by 1000 for the second year. The visa will be implemented within one year of entry-into-force of the A-UKFTA.

  • Labour Market testing (LMT) 

UK Citizens will be waived from the LMT requirements in visas that require this e.g. Subclass 482 . 

  • Youth mobility  

The working holiday visa (WHV) age limit will be lifted from 31 to 35 . The vis length will also be extended to up to 3 years,  from a maximum of 2 years at present. 

These changes will be implemented within 2 years of the agreement coming into effect.

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