Pathways to Australian Residency

As outlined in our Studying in Australia services page there are a huge number of courses available for individuals to study in Australia.

However whilst studying in Australia is usually undertaken as short term option there is an increasing number of people using it as a pathway to remain in the country at the end of their course. This pathway to staying longer usually opens up as students (and their family) become eligible for other visas onshore. These onshore visa options commonly include:

  • Student visas – If the student enrols in another course.
  • Partner visas – If the student ends up married or in a de-facto or registered relationship with an Australian citizen or resident.
  • Employer sponsored visas – If a student is sponsored by an employer for a skilled position.
  • Skilled migration visas – If the student is eligible to apply for a points based General skilled migration (GSM) visa upon graduation.

There are also Temporary Graduate visas. If you would like to know more about these please visas please get in touch.

Study to Migrate Pathways

For individuals who aren’t able to migrate to Australia under the GSM visa program, primarily because they don’t meet the skills assessment requirement, by studying and graduating with the right course in Australia you can greatly increase your prospects of obtaining a permanent visa in Australia.

This is particularly relevant for individuals who undertake study in a trade or vocational course that falls under the Job Ready Program (JRP). The JRP is a four step employment based skills assessment program that allows graduates to ultimately obtain a positive skills assessment, which will then potentially allow them to apply for a GSM visa. The steps involved are:

  1. Student enrols in a course that trains them for a position on the Skilled occupation list (SOL).
  2. Upon graduation the student is eligible to apply for the Graduate visa.
  3. Once granted the graduate visa the student undertakes the JRP through the Trades Recognition Authority (TRA).
  4. Upon completion of the JRP and after receiving a successful skills assessment the student lodges a skilled independent, state sponsored or RSMS visa application.

Some of the eligible JRP courses include: Cookery, Automotive Mechanics, Carpentry, Wall & Floor Tiling, Plastering, Bricklaying, Electrician, Boat Building and Air-conditioning & Mechanical Services.

What course and pathway should you consider?

If you would like an assessment of your circumstances, your potential pathway to Australia please get in touch. Between ourselves and our Education Agent partners we should be able to provide a thorough assessment of any options that are open to you, arrange enrolment in a course and finalise visas for you and any family members.

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